Star Wars vs. Star Trek – Which One is Objectively Better?

This is a debate I’ve seen around the internet every so often, and one I’ve gotten into a couple times with my own friends in past years.  The two juggernauts of science fiction each have their own, large followings, with legions of fans to defend them to the last breath.  While both Star Wars and [...]

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Futurama – Welcome to the New Year

It’s 2017!  Now that a new year has begun and the holiday season has ended, we can all look forward to whatever is in store for the next twelve months.  As far as these silly little blog posts are concerned, I figure there’s only one good way to get things moving.  Much like Futurama began [...]

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Daredevil – Season One Opinions

When I learned about the television series, Daredevil, I was only mildly curious.  The character is cool and all, but I had never read any of his comics and only had a couple other things on which to base my opinion, so he sort of flew under the radar for a long time.  But then [...]

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Young Justice – One of DC’s Best

With the recent announcement that a third season will finally become a reality, now seems like the perfect time to talk about Young Justice.  Previously cancelled after only two seasons, fan support helped to bring it back for more, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Season two ended with several loose ends, so it’s also [...]

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Stranger Things – Remember the 80s?

Who isn’t talking about Stranger Things these days?  Well, maybe people who haven’t seen it or don’t care for it, but that seems to be the minority, at least in my experience.  After finally finishing the eight episode series, I feel confident enough to talk about it, as well, rather than sitting on the sideline [...]

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