Star Wars vs. Star Trek – Which One is Objectively Better?

This is a debate I’ve seen around the internet every so often, and one I’ve gotten into a couple times with my own friends in past years.  The two juggernauts of science fiction each have their own, large followings, with legions of fans to defend them to the last breath.  While both Star Wars and [...]

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Fire Emblem Heroes – A Simpler Fire Emblem Game

I don’t play too many mobile games.  Some of them are pretty good, but they all eventually become more of a chore or a mindless way to pass the time, as opposed to actually being any fun.  Time will tell if the same happens with Fire Emblem Heroes, but this game is easily my favorite [...]

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Pupa – The Worst Anime I’ve Ever Seen

Valentine’s Day is just about here, which means we’re in the wonderful season of love.  There are some good romance anime series out there, and I’m looking forward to talking about them.  At the end of the month.  Today, though, we’re here for something far, far less appealing.  We’re here to talk about Pupa, and [...]

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Procrastination – A Beginner’s Guide

Hello again, you old so-and-so!  Have you ever thought about doing a thing, and then decided to do it later?  If you answered “yes,” then you already know how to procrastinate.  Go on, get out of here, ya little scamp!  But, if that’s not the case, then I’m here to teach you how to make [...]

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Salt and Sanctuary – Not Just a Souls Clone

This game is something.  For several months, I had seen little bits of it here and there, and something about it always caught my attention, just not enough to commit to getting it.  When I finally gave in and picked the game up, I was kind of surprised to find that it was even more [...]

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Passengers – Middle of the Pack

Did you know that Passengers is still in theaters, as of this post?  I didn’t until earlier today.  And, with that in mind, a friend and I went to see Passengers to find out if it’s any good.  In short: it’s decent.  Not amazing, but not awful.  However, it’s not quite the movie that I [...]

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Video Games and Depression

It is a fair statement to say that all of us here at Duly Nerded have suffered from depression from time to time. It’s unavoidable, even people who are happy about everything feel depressed occasionally. Sometimes it can just seem like the entire world is against you or nothing you do seems to go right. [...]

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Dead Island – What a Letdown

Let’s get negative.  It’s all good and fun to talk about the things in video games that are done right, but I doubt many gamers get through without stumbling across at least one game worthy of that special feeling called “disappointment.”  I’ve had my fair share, but one that really sticks out like a sore [...]

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Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – Another Fun Comic

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about any kind of comic.  Truth be told, I’m not really sure what to say half the time.  But, that aside, let’s take a look at another webcomic that I really enjoy: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.  The title doesn’t really give much away at first, but it’s [...]

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Touhou – What Even Is It?

What is that random thing I bring up every so often?  In short, a series of video games that fall into that fun category of “bullet hell.”  It’s a genre that doesn’t pull any punches and looks like a whole bunch of nonsense on screen until you figure out what the hell’s going on.  Think [...]

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Futurama – Welcome to the New Year

It’s 2017!  Now that a new year has begun and the holiday season has ended, we can all look forward to whatever is in store for the next twelve months.  As far as these silly little blog posts are concerned, I figure there’s only one good way to get things moving.  Much like Futurama began [...]

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Problem Solving in Video Games

I have been a longtime fan of video games in all varieties. I enjoy first person shooters, RPGs, MOBAs, and MMOs. One of the things that I love about video games is the challenge. Frequently, a game will present you with some task that seems impossible, or at least very difficult. It is always a [...]

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Mahou Sensei Negima! – From Romcom to Action

Rather than an anime, we’re taking a look at a manga series, this time.  Mahou Sensei Negima! (or Magical Teacher Negima!) is one of the first, long-running manga series I really got into a while ago, so it seems appropriate to give it some attention.  The series does have multiple anime adaptations, but the first [...]

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Rogue One – A Short, Spoiler-Free Review

It’s finally here, Star Wars fans!  For the past year, we’ve been waiting for Rogue One to finally hit theaters and show us what a Star Wars spinoff film can do.  Don’t worry, I won’t be throwing spoilers all over the place, especially within a couple days of the film’s release, but I do want [...]

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On Storytelling

Writing is easy, storytelling is not.  Anyone can put a bunch of words on a piece of paper or on a computer screen, but that doesn’t take any skill.  Especially nowadays, where things like autocorrect make it even easier.  Sure, it takes a certain level of tact and skill to properly compose an e-mail, but [...]

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Dragon Ball Z – One of the Classics

Apparently, I haven’t written about a single anime on its own since Yuki Yuna is a Hero back in September…  Shit.  Well, since I’ve been watching a lot of random things related to Dragon Ball Z in the past couple weeks, it seems appropriate to talk about one of the earliest anime I – and [...]

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Pokemon Sun and Moon – Review Time

Here we are.  I’ve had enough time to play through the newest games in the Pokemon franchise, and I’m finally confident enough to talk about them.  However, since the only one I own and have played is Pokemon Sun, my opinions are all based around that version.  Also, let me be up front about this [...]

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Daredevil – Season One Opinions

When I learned about the television series, Daredevil, I was only mildly curious.  The character is cool and all, but I had never read any of his comics and only had a couple other things on which to base my opinion, so he sort of flew under the radar for a long time.  But then [...]

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Mass Effect – The Original Trilogy

With all the recent news about Mass Effect: Andromeda, the series has been put back on my radar in a big way.  As such, I’ve been thinking about the games a lot, and figured I’d briefly share my thoughts on each installment in the trilogy.  The story of Commander Shepard and crew might be one [...]

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Waifus – A Beginner’s Guide

Hello there!  Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What the hell is up with waifus?”  No need to be shy.  Of course you have!  Well, today, I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about waifus and how to successfully become a part of any waifu war you so desire.  Strap in; it’s [...]

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D&D Stories – Fools and Failures

Have you ever had a session of D&D where everything went wrong?  In one campaign, we had three of those in a row.  This is called Murphy’s Law, which states that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”  And, that sums up the events of this campaign perfectly, or at least the trio of [...]

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Young Justice – One of DC’s Best

With the recent announcement that a third season will finally become a reality, now seems like the perfect time to talk about Young Justice.  Previously cancelled after only two seasons, fan support helped to bring it back for more, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Season two ended with several loose ends, so it’s also [...]

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Rhythm Games – Just Plain Fun

Music is a wonderful thing.  I’ll just throw that out there.  Whether it’s used as a tone-setter for a piece of fiction, a way to express creativity, or just something to listen to on a long drive, music is a great medium with tons of variety.  Even as I write this, I have music playing [...]

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Betrayal at House on the Hill – Another Creepy Mansion

Who says board games can’t be spooky?  Probably no one, because that’s a silly thing to think about.  But, on the off chance that anyone did think that, there are a few choice picks out there to fill the niche of horror-themed tabletop games.  My favorite of the bunch – and possibly my favorite tabletop [...]

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Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion – Cute and Terrifying

One of my favorite horror games – and one of my favorite indie games in general – is Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion.  This one has come up on the podcast a couple times, but I’ve never really gone into detail about it.  But hey, what better time to do so than late October?  I may [...]

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Goosebumps – Scares for Kids

Authors such as Lovecraft and King are great and all, but there are few places to go in regards to bringing the horror genre to a younger audience.  One great source is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a series of books including a plethora of short stories and disturbing artwork.  But, for most [...]

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Horror Movies – Elements of Fear

What makes a movie scary?  Depending on the person, it can be any number of things, but many factors can go into it.  A lot of people seem to associate horror with jump scares or gore, especially nowadays, and it’s something we have discussed multiple times in the past few weeks.  While jump scares and [...]

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Junji Ito – Master of Horror Manga

Manga doesn’t come up too much in conversation over here – at least compared to anime – but there are a lot of things worth reading.  In keeping with the spooky theme of October, some very creepy horror manga exist.  There are some bizarre and somewhat lighthearted examples such as Franken Fran or Vovnich Hotel, [...]

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So You Want to Start Playing Online Games?

The world of online multiplayer games is one that is exciting, engaging, and exhilarating. Watching the major tournaments can make even those with strong disinterest become intrigued, and when coupled with the passion that many gamers show about their games, thousands to millions of new people decide to play online games each year. These new [...]

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H. P. Lovecraft – Creepy Stories That Linger

There are only a handful of big horror writers on the market these days.  When it really comes down to it, though, there are three in particular that stand out to me: Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and H. P. Lovecraft.  Of those, Lovecraft is the one whose influence is perhaps the most well-known and [...]

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D&D Stories – Kill ‘Em All

I have attempted DMing only one campaign in my life.  That brought its own share of horrors, but that is neither here nor there.  Suffice to say that I greatly prefer being a participant rather than a storyteller.  In said campaign, however, I tried to give a horror theme to a lot of what happened [...]

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Ocarina of Time – The Bottom of the Well

The Legend of Zelda series is no stranger to creepiness.  Despite the E-rating of every game in the franchise before Twilight Princess, some truly disturbing things managed to find their way in.  Skull Woods in A Link to the Past, the banshee-screaming ReDeads of The Wind Waker, the Romani Ranch invasion and possible abduction of [...]

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Life Lessons from a Dark Souls Player

Talk to people: If you have no direction, speaking to others may be beneficial.  Not everyone will be helpful, but that just means you will have a better understanding of who and who not to ask questions.  If you don’t already have an idea of what you’re doing, however, the people around you may have [...]

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Looking for Group – More Than a Parody

Along a similar vein to things that are “deceptively cute,” which I talked about a little while back, another subgenre of sorts that really sticks out to me is “something that starts silly and lighthearted but takes itself more seriously as it progresses.”  That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, but whatever.  Regardless, [...]

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Stranger Things – Remember the 80s?

Who isn’t talking about Stranger Things these days?  Well, maybe people who haven’t seen it or don’t care for it, but that seems to be the minority, at least in my experience.  After finally finishing the eight episode series, I feel confident enough to talk about it, as well, rather than sitting on the sideline [...]

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Darker Than It Looks

There is a very specific, small subgenre that I really enjoy, something I like to call “deceptively cute.”  This can include other anime like School Live, games such as Pokemon, or Western cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog; essentially, something that looks much more innocent on the surface than it really is.  While it takes [...]

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Undertale – The Indie Game Sensation

It has been almost an entire year since Undertale was released to the world, and it’s a subject that has been talked about to death and back.  While a lot of the hype for the game has kind of died down in recent months, I wanted to take a look at one of the most [...]

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D&D Stories – Looking for a Way Out

This campaign happened a good while after the one in which I played my idiot tiefling, around a year later, if not more.  We had a different group of players: a couple from the other group and a few who either had not had the chance to play or were relatively new to the game.  [...]

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Fighting Games – Tips from a Noob

Fighting games are fun, but not the most accessible genre of video game by any means.  Some tend to be more forgiving than others, but a lot of it boils down to whether the player is facing a computer-controlled character or another person.  The two make for drastically different experiences, as I have learned time [...]

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Writing Prompt – “From the Light”

Prompt: People must not look outside at night from 3 AM to 6 AM. Children are often kept in windowless rooms and adults often wear blindfolds during sleep to avoid incident. Genre: Mystery For as long as I could remember it was all I ever wanted. The Chosen, as they were called, were only selected [...]

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The Fantasy Genre – Cliches and Variation

The fantasy genre is an interesting one.  When it comes to book series – especially the long-runners – fantasy seems like a good place to go, whether it falls into the classic style of elves and dragons, or a more modern style with guns and…more dragons.  Unfortunately, many of these stories can turn into something [...]

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Cowboy Bebop – Sci-Fi with Style

For a long time, very few anime had a big impact in the West.  We had a few along the lines of Dragon Ball Z or Akira, but the industry did not have much of a foothold outside of Japan, or so it felt.  But the 90s definitely saw its fair share of gems, one [...]

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90s Nostalgia

Very few generations suffer from nostalgia quite as bad a 90s kids. Almost everyone born between 1980 and 1990 can really look back with a lot of fondness on the 90s. These were the years in which we grew up. A common phrase among my friends is, “I remember back in the day you used [...]

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Dark Souls 3 – Semi-Early Impressions

There are some very mixed opinions about the final entry in the Dark Souls series right now.  Dark Souls 3 has been out for a few months, and, for better or worse, it has shown quite an impact on the Souls series as a whole.  Many people absolutely adore the game for what it does [...]

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Godzilla – Making a Comeback

Godzilla seems to be making a big comeback in recent years.  After the release of Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004, there hadn’t been any film in the franchise until the 2014 American Godzilla.  However, just a couple weeks back, the newest entry into the franchise released in Japan, this one by the name of Shin [...]

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BioShock – Rapture is a Scary Place

With the fairly recent announcement of BioShock: The Collection – a remastered collection of all three games in the series – and its release slated for next month, I wanted to delve into the setting of one of my favorite video games of all time.  The city of Rapture is the location in which the [...]

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D&D Stories – My First Character Was an Idiot

So, Dungeons and Dragons, that thing that epitomizes what it means to be a geek (at least to some)…  It’s a tabletop roleplaying game with a long history and legions of fans – for good reason.  Something great about D&D is how open it can be and how much players can accomplish within the world [...]

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The Importance of Technology

Technology is becoming one of the most important tools the world has ever seen. Especially as the world becomes more and more interconnected. Technology has played a key role in essentially erasing national boundaries and speeding up the process of globalization. Things like the internet and the telephone have made it possible to communicate and [...]

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Anime in 2016 – A Few Recommendations

Hello, everyone!  On the latest podcast, it was said that I would give some recommendations on anime for anyone interested.  While I plan to make future lists about specific genres, I figured it might be beneficial for some to hear about a few recent shows that aired or are currently airing in 2016.  This will [...]

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Life Lessons From a Raid Leader

Make a plan and stick with it…unless it sucks This is a lesson that took me a while to learn when I first started raid leading. We would look up different strategies (strats) for the bosses we were working on and try them in raid. Once one failed (all of them) we would try another [...]

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Pokemon No?

Pokemon Go has been quite the center of attention since its release on July 6th. People have eaten it up and it has created a huge following, both of veterans of the series and newbies alike. As of late though the creator of Pokemon Go, Niantic, has been taking some pretty hard hits. Between the [...]

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Strategy in Video Games

Many video games are labelled as “strategy” games and I wanted to take some time to explore what that means and whether or not this is an apt description of the genre. I will be using major published works on strategy as the foundation of my analysis. These works include “The Art of War” by [...]

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