Top Ten Romance Anime

Here we are, on the topic of romance, what with Valentine’s Day being a couple weeks ago.  Romance is one of those widespread genres that falls into a role similar to comedy, in that it can be found in many works even when it isn’t the main focus.  In anime, many of the series that [...]

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Pupa – The Worst Anime I’ve Ever Seen

Valentine’s Day is just about here, which means we’re in the wonderful season of love.  There are some good romance anime series out there, and I’m looking forward to talking about them.  At the end of the month.  Today, though, we’re here for something far, far less appealing.  We’re here to talk about Pupa, and [...]

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Top Ten Anime Movies

Anyone who has been following these silly blogs for a while might remember that I spoke about my favorite movies several months ago.  That list wasn’t very good and will likely be revised in the future, but I’ve rarely spoken about anime movies specifically.  There are a lot of great ones out there, and not [...]

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Top Ten Favorite Manga

I’ve read a lot of manga over the years, perhaps even too much.  Reading something rather than watching it gives a very different sense of satisfaction, something that also applies to western comics, books, and their respective adaptations.  It can be nice to just sit back and read a chapter or two of something at [...]

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Top Ten Anime of 2016

2016 was a pretty decent year for anime.  It had its fair share of positives and negatives, but I managed to find more good than bad, which we’ll get to in a minute.  With that in mind, this list is incredibly subjective, and my tastes will differ from others because…well, that’s how opinions work.  There [...]

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Mahou Sensei Negima! – From Romcom to Action

Rather than an anime, we’re taking a look at a manga series, this time.  Mahou Sensei Negima! (or Magical Teacher Negima!) is one of the first, long-running manga series I really got into a while ago, so it seems appropriate to give it some attention.  The series does have multiple anime adaptations, but the first [...]

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Dragon Ball Z – One of the Classics

Apparently, I haven’t written about a single anime on its own since Yuki Yuna is a Hero back in September…  Shit.  Well, since I’ve been watching a lot of random things related to Dragon Ball Z in the past couple weeks, it seems appropriate to talk about one of the earliest anime I – and [...]

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Top Ten Slice of Life Anime

Sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back, relax, and maybe watch something that gives you a good laugh.  The best shows for this, at least in my opinion, come from the slice of life genre.  Whether it constitutes a sitcom or, in this case, an anime, watching a slice of life show can be oddly [...]

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Top Ten Horror Anime

October is almost over, and that means we’ve reached our final horror-themed topic for the month.  It shouldn’t be any surprise at this point, but it’s time to talk about horror anime.  Scary moments or undertones pop up in a lot of non-horror anime, but there are relatively few series that fall into the genre [...]

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Junji Ito – Master of Horror Manga

Manga doesn’t come up too much in conversation over here – at least compared to anime – but there are a lot of things worth reading.  In keeping with the spooky theme of October, some very creepy horror manga exist.  There are some bizarre and somewhat lighthearted examples such as Franken Fran or Vovnich Hotel, [...]

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Top Ten Sci-Fi Anime

What makes something science fiction?  Well, science is a good place to start, but there are many other factors that can come into play.  Space, robots, time travel, computers, experimentation, technology as a whole; any and all of these can define something as sci-fi.  Due to the complexity present in a lot of sci-fi series, [...]

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Darker Than It Looks

There is a very specific, small subgenre that I really enjoy, something I like to call “deceptively cute.”  This can include other anime like School Live, games such as Pokemon, or Western cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog; essentially, something that looks much more innocent on the surface than it really is.  While it takes [...]

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Top Ten Comedy Anime

Anime is a medium that covers a wide variety of subject matter.  Despite that, I find myself watching comedy series much more often than not.  Comedic anime can still come in many forms, combined just as often with the slice of life genre, action genre, and so on.  As a result, it was a bit [...]

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Cowboy Bebop – Sci-Fi with Style

For a long time, very few anime had a big impact in the West.  We had a few along the lines of Dragon Ball Z or Akira, but the industry did not have much of a foothold outside of Japan, or so it felt.  But the 90s definitely saw its fair share of gems, one [...]

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Anime in 2016 – A Few Recommendations

Hello, everyone!  On the latest podcast, it was said that I would give some recommendations on anime for anyone interested.  While I plan to make future lists about specific genres, I figured it might be beneficial for some to hear about a few recent shows that aired or are currently airing in 2016.  This will [...]

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